NXT Employee Benefits Investor Forum
Whether you are an investor seeking access to new deals, or founder and/or CEO of a new venture looking for funding, visibility and growth, this is a must-attend event.
NXT.Services is hosting seven one-day conferences in 2020.  Each event will feature the founders of 18 early stage start-ups and SME's in the employee benefits space who are invited to present to venture capitalists, private equity firms, angel investors, and representatives from insurance carriers / banks who have an internal venture fund and/or are seeking strategic relationships.

Organizations presenting have been carefully selected by NXT.Services based on the market  recognition they are receiving from insurance brokers and employers; a metric that can be an early predictor of future success. 

NXT's affinity and relationships inside the employee benefits industry and with the "Daily Insurance Report" gives NXT an edge in identifying companies that are attracting substantial interest from brokers, employers, and investors, insurance companies, and banks.
Multiple Venues & Dates
Palo Alto, CA (01/16/20)
Miami, Fl (February 2020)
Austin, TX (March 2020)
New York City, NY (April, 2020)
Boston, MA (May, 2020)
Atlanta, GA (June 2020)
Chicago, IL (September 2020)
Los Angeles, CA (October 2020)
Leading-Edge Innovators
Hear from 18 of the hottest early stage and emerging employee benefits innovators, start-ups, and SME's, at each event, as they present live to leading investors (see agenda schedule and company categories below.) 
High Level Networking
Connect with investors, startups, founders, partners,  and potential strategic relationships. 

The founders of NXT have extensive event experience and know how to fill a room with people that represent unique value to each other.
The "NXT Employee Benefits Investor Forum" is the premier employee benefits industry gathering connecting founders and entrepreneurs with venture capitalists, corporate VCs, private equity firms, angel investors, technology transfer professionals, and senior executives of insurance company and bank venture funds.
Presenters at The "NXT Employee Benefits Investor Forum" include companies demonstrating leading innovation connected to AI, machine learning, block chain, biometrics, marketing automation, payments, fraud protection, cyber-security, and organizations with emerging products and services who will dominate their niche.
Gain more insights, make more relationships, discover more new markets, at these one-day events than would be possible in weeks, even months otherwise.
"The Competition For Employee Benefits Start-Ups And Strategic Acquisitions Is Only Going To Intensify." - - Walt Podgurski, Editor, Daily Insurance Report


MetLife is hosting its fifth ‘ignition’ summit where it will explore potential partnerships with 16 startups.*

The aim is to find emerging digital capabilities which can boost the insurance industry. There will be 16 companies brought to the MetLife New York headquarters along with 200 of its own business, operations, and tech leaders.*

A potential reward for successful startups is an investment of up to $100m through the MetLife Digital Ventures fund.*

Other advantages of the ecosystem include close relations with 18 venture capital firms, the MetLife Digital Accelerator, and close work with other startups.*

First, I believe there are companies and organization years behind what is occuring in the marketplace.

Second, as organizations, and particularly insurance carriers, realize they are lagging behind the curve, we may see a further rush on employee benefit start-ups and strategic relationships the way we have seen insurance brokerage agencies acquired in record numbers the last several years.

Third, the laws of economics will dictate that higher demand will lead to increased prices (value).

Fourth, our "NXT Employee Benefits Start-Up & Strategic Venture Forums" are must-attend events for people and organizations that have an interest in acquiring capital and strategic value related to the distribution and delivery of employee benefits.

Walt Podgurski, Publisher, Daily Insurance Report & Co-Founder, NXT Services
Agenda Schedule
  8:00 a.m. to 8:55 a.m.   - Continental Breakfast & Registration
  8:55 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.   - Welcome & Introductions
  9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. - (4) Fifteen-Minute Presentations
10:00 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. - Discovery Break
10:20 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. - (4) Fifteen-Minute Presentations
11:20 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. - Discovery Break
11:40 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. - (10) Five-Minute Presentations (Seed Capital Lightning Round)
12:30 p.m.                       - Conference Adjourns

Investible Vs. Discovery

NXT brings a diversity to this type of event unique to our format. 
Yes, we do our networking and research to bring you 8 highly "investible" opportunities in the employee benefits market space.
We also uncover 10 "discoverable" companies that are poised for rapid growth, but aren't yet on the radar of most investors. Companies that have demonstrated they can make it, but need that initial infusion of up to $5,000,000.00 to begin to reach their full potential.
Who you can expect to hear from:
NXT carefully chooses the presentation companies that it believes have identified innovative solutions for the challenges faced by brokers and employers in the sales, service, and administration of employee benefits. 

Presenters bring a diverse spectrum of technology expertise including: Artificial Intelligence (AI), data security software, data mining, machine learning, block chain, biometrics, marketing automation, governance solutions, sales platforms, apps for customer interaction during life-changing events, payments, fraud protection, cyber-security, data analytics to answer real-time customer questions, virtual platforms to coordinate health treatments, tools to optimize an organization’s internal performance metrics, and employee on-boarding and career development platforms.

In addition to fintech and insurtech companies, NXT focuses on specific product opportunities, for which examples appear below. And not just any products that look like everyone's else's, but products that are crushing competition and taking the market by storm through innovation. (And companies with a competitive marketing advantage such as a strategic relationship with a major distribution channel.)
Accelerated Payroll Payments
Benefit Strategies & Plan Design
Caregiving Benefits
Dependent Care
Disability Insurance
Employee Assistance Programs
Employee Audits
Employee Banking
Employee Engagement
Employee Loans
Enrollment Platforms
Fertility Benefits
Financial Wellness
Fitness Package
Flexible Scheduling Policies
Legal Plans
LIfe Insurance
Medical / Healthcare Benefits
On-Site Day Care
Paid leave
Paid Parental Leave
Payroll Management
Pet Insurance
Retirement Benefits
Student Loan Repayment Benefits
Tuition Reimbursement
Telemedicine / Telehealth
Fitness Package
“The pace of change is increasing across all industries. Innovation investments into insurtech remain strong and industry dynamics are changing. The NXT Employee Benefits Startup & SME Investor Forum is one of the tools enabling investors and startups / SME's to meet-up face-to-face to help identify and capitalize on emerging consumer and technology trends.” - - Jim Ouimet, NXT Services Co-Founder

NXT Services Inc. - All Rights Reserved
Jim Ouimet
Jim Ouimet is co-founder of NXT.Services, the insurance industry’s leading event built to spotlight the dynamic innovations and changes disrupting the distribution of employee benefits and related services. 

Prior to co-founding BenNext, Jim was President, US Marketing & Sales, for Afinium, Ltd., a customer centric enterprise enrollment and marketing platform. 

Jim began his career with MetLife where he was instrumental in the development of Met’s individual voluntary benefits program. 

He subsequently served as VP Broker Sales for BCBS of Kentucky, and was CEO of Kentucky Home Mutual Life Insurance Company. 

Jim served as the first president of the Workplace Benefits Association and sat on its board for over a decade. 

He has addressed many groups in insurance and financial services, and has been published in a number of prominent industry magazines. 

He authored The True Basics of Successful Selling, and eBooks, Becoming Customer Centric in a Product Centric Industry and Big Data Big Sales. 

In 2000, Jim was inducted into the Worksite Marketing Hall of Fame, and in 2016 was named the first recipient of the Workplace Benefits Association’s prestigious Walt Podgurski Lifetime Achievement Award. 

He is a graduate of Dominican College and received his MBA from the University of Notre Dame. 

Walt Podgurski
Walter Bernard (Podgurski) entered the insurance business after graduating from Miami University of Ohio where he was an All-American wrestler and later was voted into the Miami University Athletic Hall-Of-Fame.

The great majority of his experience has been in voluntary employee benefit plans and publishing.

In 1997, Mr. Podgurski formed what is now "Insurance Broadcasting" and the "Workplace Benefits Association."

In February 2011 Mr. Podgurski sold those assets to a major print publisher and event company.

After working with the acquiring company for several years, Mr. Podgurski set out in 2017 to build several new companies.
www.DailyInsuranceReport.com & NXT.Services

The "Daily Insurance Report" is now subscribed to by 25,000 elite insurance industry influencers who receive it Monday - Friday and have a quick overview of what is appearing in the media regarding the insurance industry; with an emphasis on life, health, and employee benefits.

The "Daily Insurance Report" publishes the life insurance, health insurance, and employee benefits news that matters.

Mr. Podgurski and his wife live part of the year in Saint Augustine, Florida and part near Cleveland, Ohio.

He enjoys family, writing, running, weight-lifting, movies, reading, and traveling.

Specialized skills include: Writing, Publishing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Worksite Marketing, Employee Benefits, Voluntary Benefits, ACA, Event Management, Digital and Virtual Publishing, Screenplays. PR, & Publicity.
NXT brings together people and companies in the employee benefits, insurtech, and fintech space, that need and want funding, with people and organizations capable of providing the funding, including; venture capitalists, private equity, angel investors, and venture funds from insurance companies and banks.
NXT utilizes a network of specialized contacts and other resources to find early stage and medium size “investible” businesses. 

We create opportunities for the founders and leaders of those organizations to deliver their message to people who may want to invest in them.

This is accomplished primarily through 1-day events held regionally across the U.S., including; New York, Silicon Valley, Miami, Austin, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
* Metlife Speed Dates’ 16 Cutting-Edge Insurtech Start-Ups in 8-Hour Innovation Hunt - - - 
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